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Lets get to know each other

Lets skip awkward posing and get down to the real stuff. If crinkled noses, windblow hair and belly laughs are your thing we may just be the team for you. We want to capture your in between moments, you know the moments that make you...YOU. Our goal is to tell your love story the way you know it in real time. The look you give each other when you hold hands in the car, the way he holds you and how your hand fits perfectly in his.  Michael will be smiling and I will be tearing up behind the camera as you share your personalized wedding vows or as you embrace during your first look. We will be right there with you. You invest us and we will invest in you. What a privilege we have; We get to document the greatest thing on this earth... LOVE. We love real moments and raw emotions because those are the moments that make you feel something, those are the times moments become memories. Lets create something beautiful together Something real, raw and romantic. Yes, romance can be cheesy, silly and fun or it can serious, passionate and intense. Whatever your love looks like I know its beautiful. 

what we are all about

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characterized by the expression of love. the language shared between two individuals. The basic idea in romanticism is that reason can not explain everything.  loving. amorous. passionate. tender. affection. lovey- dovey. intense. quirky, charming.  fanciful. 


relating to something as it is, not merely as it may be. used to emphasize the significance of a situation. Actually existing as a thing or occurring in fact; not imagined or supposed. tangible. factual. concrete. authentic. honest to goodness.

RAW: rô/
natural, uncultivated,
or unrefined state. Not processed, imperfect. Direct in description and explicit in realistic detail. candid. strong and undisguised. uninhibited. unconcealed. unembellished. 


10 Fun Facts About Michael

10 Fun Facts About Hannah

1. She's my kind people pleaser. Everyone around her must be happy or she’s unhappy. She’ll give until she has nothing. 
2. Excellent Homemaker. She loves all things comfy from candles, PJs & blankets. Our house hugs you when you walk in. 
3. Her favorite food group is wine, cheese, and bread. She could easily live in Italy.
4. Loves animals almost as much as she loves people. 
5. Hands down the most driven person I’ve meet. I believe and have witnessed that she’s capable of anything. 
6. Mind reader 
7. Hopeless romantic 
8. Owner of many shoes and wearer of only a few. 
9. She’s my foot twin....Our poor children 
10. Nothing makes her smile quite like a field of wild flowers

1. Michael is one of the smartest people I know. There’s nothing he can’t figure out & he’s excellent to have around in a crisis. 
2. His ideal home would be on a sail boat where he lives off the grid. He has salt water running through his veins. 
3. Full of useful and random facts. He’s constantly reading and learning. 
4. He has loved Jeep wagoners since he was a kid and now we own one (hence our logo)
5. Nomad, loner and minimalist at heart 
6. Master napper
7. His humility and kindness are my two favorite of his qualities. 
8. He Loves organizing projects that he never finishes. (ADD)
9. Super duper observant and a fantastic listener 
10. You can find him randomly laughing. He has a lot inside jokes with himself.

written by Michael

written by Hannah